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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Awesome Fender 69 Mustang in Placid Blue with Competition Stripes and Matching Headstock

Well. It's all in the title: Awesome in placid blue with competition stripes and matching headstock.

Or almost. A few more interesting points about this really gorgeous vintage guitar, from the eBay posting:
I really like Mustangs and their quirkiness (the shape, the electronics...) and I have a thing for stripes so I would totally reinvest my Google Adsense revenues in that guitar.... if they only amounted to the $3,479 asked for this vintage beauty. In the meantime, feel free to click on a few ads :)
Note that this guitar is not "mint condition" at all (massive impact on the side). Keep that pic for reference, relic pros :)

Other Mustang I covered in this blog

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Les Paul Tribute Model vs. the real deal from early 50's

Gibson is launching a Les Paul Tribute model which will be a limited run of 564 guitars based on the iconic '52 Les Paul model - the original Gold Top Les Paul.

I just found out through my friend Jeremy's blog:
Fantastic! All stamped as prototypes!

· Based on the Original LP 1952 model
· Trapeze tailpiece corrected to match Les Paul’s Patent
· Limited Run - Only 564 guitars will be produced
· All will be hand numbered 1915 A , 1915 B, 1915 C….. 1916 A 1916 B and so on
· All actual 1952 LP’s were listed as prototypes so these will be stamped prototype also
· Authentic P-90 pickups
· Gold top nitro-cellulose finish with natural mahogany back and neck
· Engraved Tribute truss rod cover
· COA included

Not sure what the privilege of getting one of those straight out of the factory is gonna cost you. It seems from the Certificate of Authenticity cover on the flyer that this is gonna be a Gibson USA model, not a Custom Shop as I would have expected of Gibson. It'd be a nice touch from Gibson if it means this is an "affordable" guitar - I mean below $2,500.

I also wanted to see if you could find the "real deal" on eBay.

So I found this . Not too bad at a buy-now price tag of $19,500 (not sure what the catch is). And it has the option of leaving an offer.

There is also this nice , so without the trapeze tailpiece. This is one is for grab for a mere $42,500. But it looks awesome with the finish cracking just as it should, without any green rash that you often find on old gold paints. I personally love those white P90 pickup covers. Very classy.