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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Vintage 1962 Guild Starfire in original black finish

UPDATE: the auction for the guitar described below has closed. Browse vintage Guild Starfire on auction on eBay now!

An has been listed on eBay. While I have covered Guild Starfires in the past, that's the first time I see one with a black transparent finish. The seller is listing it as a "blackfire" and provides just a bit more information in the posting:

awseome collectable ebony grain starfire 2 or 3,(no bigsby)all original except the tuners,flamey on back especially,neck is super straight,life on orginal fretts,killer dearmonds, special color factory finish list for 2800$ in 2008 vintage guitar book! real clean cept for belt buckle typical back side marks from playing, neck and rest of guitar finish is original

More vintage Guild Starfire auctioned on eBay below.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

'54 Fender Stratocaster - the Vintage Fender holy grail for $52,000

Iconic Vintage Fender alert!!! A . 1954 is the first year of production of this true icon of music and pop culture that the Strat is.
Fender Stratocaster 1954 Vintage, HeadstockOK. It's not the holy grail of Fender guitars per se - that would be the 1953 prototypes of the Strat' (more on that in a later post). But this '54 guitar is still from a very limited production series and a very desirable addition to any guitar collection. That is, if you're a collector with $52,000 in your pockets!
Fender Stratocaster 1954 Vintage, sunburst bodyFrom the posting, this one seems to have most of the original parts, including the case and is in very good shape. I wouldn't mind seeing this beauty under the Christmas tree tomorrow morning!

The seller would "really want this guitar to go to a player such as Eric Johnson, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Robin Trower, Eric Clapton, David Gilmore." and is asking "Are you out there guys?". Smart. Good luck with that. :)

As for the sound, it probably rocks. I own a Fender Custom Shop 1956 Strat' reissue (an expensive but still affordable guitar) and it is really awesome for blues, rock and funk. To get a flavor of a 50's strat tone, listen to the tune below which I recorded just with that 56 Reissue ("Song #22", one of my songs):

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I am a sucker for beautiful Strats so check out previous posts about Fender Custom Shop reissues and vintage strats like this awesome Fender 69 Mustang in Placid Blue with Stripes.

And of course, eBay has plenty of other vintage Stratocasters.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Jimmy Page #2 Les Paul - a truly iconic guitar reissued by the Gibson Custom Shop

Wow. Jimmy Page #2 Les Paul is about to be re-issued in a very limited release. This Gibson Custom Shop series will include:
  • 25 Aged and Signed guitars
  • 100 Aged models
  • 200 VOS models
Any Jimmy Page guitar, and especially a Les Paul, is truly iconic. I can't think of better guitars to post about in this blog. I covered Page's black beauty Les Paul custom earlier this year - these fetch about $50k and more on eBay routinely. So the #2 reissue is bound to be a good investment.

>> Search Jimmy Page Les Paul guitars now listed on eBay.

The story of the Jimmy Page #2 is nicely narrated on Gibson's site as they celebrate Page's 40-year Les Paul legacy:

Soon after making Led Zeppelin II Page acquired a second Les Paul Standard he dubbed “Number 2.” He had its neck shaved to emulated “Number 1” ’s distinctive profile, and installed push-pull pots to coil split the guitar’s humbuckers. After Led Zeppelin disbanded he had phase and series switches installed beneath the pick guard. But before Zeppelin’s dissolution, “Number 1” and “Number 2” helped Page and his self-made supergroup create rock ‘n’ roll history for seven more awe inspiring, timeless albums.
Regarding the specs, to sum up:
  • New Page humbucking pickup in the bridge position (treble)
  • Regular Page humbucker in the neck position (rhythm)
  • Pull-up Tone pots to split pickups to single coil
  • Pull-up Volume pots to engage parallel mode (hum reduction)
  • What really makes this guitar special is the couple of switches hidden under the pickguard: when pushed, th first one activates a "series/parallel" mode and the second one a phase reversal.
  • And...this guitar is beautiful with great woods and lots of style (50's era LP Standard, treble pickup cover removed as is characteristic of Page)

Now, as for the price, I haven't got more indication from my guy at Guitar Center than it should be in line with the Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates Les Paul reissue. For sure it's gonna cost you more than a whole lotta love to play guitar god a la Stairway to Heaven. As a comparison, the Jeff Beck Oxblood reissue Aged and Signed (a series of 50) was going at $25,000 at Guitar Center.

There are always a few Jimmy Page signature or reissue models on eBay which are beautiful to look at (don't drool on your keyboard). See a few current postings below:

By the way, if you're into coil splitting pull-up knobs, I suggest you look at the Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional Pro I covered sometime ago. Closest Les Paul model you'll find, beautiful guitar - and way cheaper.

And thanks Jeremy for the tip.