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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Jimmy Page signed Les Paul at $45k

UPDATE: the auction for the guitar described below has closed.
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Les Paul Jimmy Page Signed
Big WOW. A Jimmy Page signature Black Beauty Les Paul Custom "signed and played by Jimmy Page himself" is up for grabs on eBay.

That is, if you have $45,000. Yep, you got that right 45 followed by three zeros. That beats the $25,000 for a brand new Jeff Beck Oxblood. But this one has a Bigsby, right.

Les Paul Jimmy Page Signed
This is number 20 of 25 according to the vendor, who also suggests fingerprints on this guitar are likely Jimmy Page's. Yes, the Jimmy Page. HIS fingers! Extract of the listing below.
A brand new Gibson Custom Shop Jimmy Page "Signed" Les Paul Custom VOS Electric Guitar with Bigsby. Yes this is one of the rare signed and played by Jimmy Page himself. His signature is on the back of the headstock...Collector owned and never played. In fact it has only been handled 2 times, when first purchased and to take these pic's and only with cotton gloves on. So most likely the fingerprints that are on it are from Jimmy Page! Auction includes every piece of documentation that came with including the signed COA and Gibson custom shop case with silk-screen JP signature on the outside. It will ship in the original Gibson box it came in. This is # 20 of 25 made worldwide...

I also didn't know the original guitar had been stolen back in the days:
In the early days of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page relied heavily on a three-pickup 1960 Les Paul custom "Black Beauty" with a Bigsby tailpiece. Unfortunately, the guitar was stolen in 1970 at an airport and never recovered. Page has always felt that that particular electric guitar was "the one that got away."

Anyway, if you acquire this truly iconic guitar or own one of the other 24 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul's in that series and you dare play it, you are invited to post a video here. I would be honored.