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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

$25k for a Signed Gibson Jeff Beck 54 Oxblood

I didn't post about the Les Paul 54 Oxblood Inspired By Jeff Beck model when it was first announced by the Gibson Custom Shop.

But today, I just realized that GuitarCenter.com was selling a signed aged version for a mind blowing $25,000!

Ok, Beck's 54 Les Paul is a unique model just for its story before and with Beck. And sure, the specs are very specific as a result: a 54 Les Paul routed for humbuckers with two refinish ending in a peculiar color. So, of course, when the Custom Shop decides to build a few replicas (150) of this unique model, these are going to be unique guitars. And then pick a few (50, pictured left) to be aged by Gibson master luthiers to look exactly like the real one. And then get those signed and played by Beck, a living guitar icon. That's huge.

But is it worth $25k? Can anyone afford this in this economy? Probably not as many as expected - as staggering as this price is, this is indicated as a price drop on GC's site.

If you really like this guitar but don't have this budget, you still have options: GuitarCenter.com still lists the non-signed non-aged version of this Les Paul Oxblood by the Custom Shop. The price tag is $7,000.

And if that is still too high, you can go with a previous re-issue by the Gibson Custom Shop. You can find those on eBay between $2,750 and $4,000 (as of writing). Note that these seem to be chambered Les Paul's. See below for current search results.


Anonymous said...

Yeah - Gibson sells 85 dollar t-shirts too. I don't think the consortium of rich people who own Gibson have realized that people are losing their homes in this country!