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Sunday, 31 January 2010

100th Post! My fav' auctions of the moment

Here's a milestone. My 100th post on Iconic Guitars. I've not been posting as regularly as I would like so I guess I should have reached it long ago.

But, let's celebrate anyhow. And what better way than giving you my list of favorite guitars on auction on eBay at the moment - straight from my "watching list". Here we go:

Watch the slideshow below for all these auctions:

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Another nice Starfire, by Guild pre 1967

I have covered quite a number of Guild Starfire in the past.

Another nice example today of the fine Guild from the 60's: a At $2,500 "buy it now" but you can make an offer (try $2,000 - $2,200, you never know).

Monday, 18 January 2010

Slash and the Apetite Les Paul prototype at NAMM

If like me you couldn't be at NAMM, here is a picture of Slash and a prototype of the much anticipated "Apetite for Destruction" Les Paul reissue. I would guess that this is the Gibson USA model and that the previous "sneak peak" was the Custom Shop version based on the colors (softer look for the Custom Shop).

All the details about the new Slash Les Paul here.

A decent shot of the prototype LP at NAMM. on Twitpic

If you're interested by previous Slash models, have a look on eBay.

Friday, 15 January 2010

New Slash 2010 Appetite Les Paul Guitar

Gibson just released a preview of the new Slash signature Les Paul on their blog to announce the sneak peak they will host at NAMM this Saturday (with Slash himself visiting at 3.30pm if you're around).
They are confirming what we knew (see previous post): it's "inspired by the axe that the legendary Guns and Roses guitar hero played on the multi-platinum selling “Appetite for Destruction” album and practically every recording since".

It's gonna be out soon. Like the Slash model released in 2008, there will be different versions to cater to every wallet: the Slash “Appetite for Destruction" Les Paul "will be released in the coming weeks in limited quantities from Gibson USA, Gibson Custom Division and from Epiphone."

It really looks like the Derrig replica that Slash owns (as shown on the left), very figured top, only in less orangey -which is a good thing, this is not the 80s anymore. I am a big fan of the zebra-pickups look.

One thing to notice is that the Slash model will have Slash's "smoking skull" signature on the head which I am not a big fan of. That being said, I am guessing this is only on the Gibson USA and Epiphone models. I imagine the Custom Shop version won't have it and will look like the real deal therefore.

My 2008 Custom Shop Slash Signature has the classic "Les Paul model" peghead with the regular "Standard" trussrod cover. That's how it should be.

Gibson has also released the official specs:
  • Traditional style weight relief Mahogany body with AAA Figured Maple top
  • Unique neck profile made for Slash features rounded 60’s shape
  • Rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays
  • Un-burst top with faded cherry back lacquer finish
  • Slash signature smoking skull with top hat artwork for peghead face
  • New Seymour Duncan Slash Signature Alnico II pickups
  • Special capacitors selected by Slash for vintage tone
  • Tone Pro hardware with historic machine heads, locking bridge and tailpiece
I'm now awaiting the price for this new iconic guitar to see if I'm going to complete my Slash Signature collection.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Cheap Dream Vintage: 1977 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut

If you've been following this blog for some time, you know one of my favorite guitars is the Gibson Les Paul Special. I covered that model several times: stacking it against the Les Paul Studio, checking the Bob Marley reissue, chasing red-sparkle finishes...

I'm especially fan of the double cutaway versions - I bought one for my daughter when she was born 2 years ago when Gibson has reissued those for cheap.

And I love vintage models with a soft spot for 1977 runs (my year of birth).

So this guitar I found yesterday on eBay combines them all! . It seems in good condition and the bids have not yet taken off (it's still under the reserve price as of writing). So maybe there is a good deal here to be had.

>> More vintage Gibson Les Paul Special on eBay

Eric Clapton Crashocaster by Fender Custom Shop

Not sure what to make of auctioned on eBay.
It is painted like Clapton's number 2 strat by Crash (the artist) but it isn't matching the details given by Crash about the series of Custom Shop guitars he painted:

He painted Clapton #2 in 2002. I guess this guitar is still with Clapton.

Original Crash-2. Painted by CRASH for Clapton in 2002.

Then in 2004 he painted a limited seried of 50 guitars for Fender, each with a unique design (+1 for his friend John Mayer). Those have Crash's signature engraved on the neckplate and masterbuilder Todd Krause's signature stamped on the back of the headstock.

The strat currently auctioned on eBay doesn't have these signatures and was produced in 2005. But it has the marks of a true Clapton model by the Custom Shop (serial number + decals on the back of the headstock). So, I'm not sure if that's a copy painted by the Custom Shop, by Crash or by any other copycat artist for a custom client. Maybe it's some sort of reissue...

What's odd too is that "while the 50 Custom Shop Crashocasters feature specifications similar to the Eric Clapton Signature model, they are not EC Signature guitars." So this odd "crashocaster" is definitely not from that run.

You sometimes see on eBay basic strats with the odd or truly horrible paintjob that tries to emulate Clapton's Number 3 Crashocaster (the most famous, also know as "over the rainbow"). But this guitar is in a different league and looks like the real deal.

Anyway, it's going for $1,525 (reserve not met) as of writing. So maybe you can get a good deal on a Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton model (those are worth double that!) and get this unique finish on top of it.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

$325,000 for a vintage 1960 Gibson Les Paul

Hm hm. Not sure who can afford to spend $325,000 on eBay, but that would buy you . Looking at the pics, it could be a reissue just out of the Gibson Custom Shop for all I know - a 50-year guitar without a scratch!

The question is: would you dare playing it?

Besides, it has the original case and case candy. It's really like if someone had bought that guitar and put it in a vault in 1960 with instruction to take it out only in 50 years. Too bad it hasn't seen much daylight though: the sunburst has not faded - that's how I like my Les Paul's...

Anyway, at that price, the buyer will probably want to do some due diligence but if it is indeed the real deal, that's a worthy investment. Just put it in a vault with instructions not to open before 2060. That will be worth an even bigger boatload of cash. Rendez-vous then!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

My Iconic Guitars: the Ibanez RG770 (my #1)

Ah, the Ibanez RG770 in sparkling red finish from 1992.

With the kids finally asleep and the wife taking a long shower, I feel I can relax, unwind, and reminisce my first guitar. An Ibanez RG 770, acquired in Paris in 1992 - the year I started playing. I still have it in storage somewhere in the family house.

I didn't think there was any value in that guitar although it's a good instrument until I was reminded of this guitar a couple of days ago. I saw that the RG770 model had actually been reissued.

Yes. R-E-I-S-S-U-E-D! The mark of a truly iconic guitar, right?

So the story of the RG line (which stands for Roadstar Guitar) starts with Ibanez moving away from copying US models in the mi-80's following a lawsuit brought by Gibson. They then moved to produce a string of superstrats including the RG (based on an earlier model designed with Steve Vai).

I read somewhere that the RG has become the line of guitars with the most models. And truly, this is the weapon of choice for metal teenagers - though I loved mine to play funk as well because you can combine the pickups in nice ways (in position 2 and 4 the selector switch splits the humbuckers and combines them with the middle single coil).

Not sure my own RG is worth much today, given that it's been pretty relic'd :)
And to be honest I wouldn't buy one today (the floyd-rose type tremolo is just a pain in the butt).

But the 24-fret flat slim "Wizard" neck was fun to play the crazy shit you like in your teenage years. And the looks were killer: red pickups, transparent pickguard, sharktooth inlays and that ruby red color!!!

Full specs are here (RG770 reissue).

For some fun, have a look at the RG770 page in the original catalogs from 1992 and 1993. I remember those - unfortunately it's hard to forget those greasy hair / badly dressed '80s metalheads :)

Check Ibanez RG770 guitars on eBay.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Slash, a new signature guitar. Again! And it's a Les Paul

UPDATE: Gibson has confirmed the Slash "Apetite" Les Paul is coming out soon (with a picture and the specs).

Another of Slash's iconic Les Paul is about to be reissued... on the heels of the Jimmy Page #2.

Slash is not hiding that he is working with the Gibson Custom Shop to produce a new Les Paul model. He has been tweeting about it and leaving clues for a while.

So what do we know so far:

The Man revealed on Twitter:

Just checked the new "Slash model" prototype LP, its really nice. Making a few tweaks etc, will keep you posted.
And then added:

it is a replica of my '86 Les Paul that I use to record with, its an amazing sounding guitar.
Below is a shot of Slash with that guitar, "Slash's 1959 reissue custom. Made for him in 1987"(through Guitar Center twitpic account).

At Guitar Center: Slash. on Twitpic Slash's 1959 reissue custom. Made for him in 1987. His weapon... on Twitpic

>> Look at Gibson Slash Les Pauls now available on eBay

There should be an Epiphone model like in the previous two releases in 2008 (the Goldtop and the "1989" model):

@douglas713. I'm pretty sure there is going to be an Epi model.
This guitar would be a fitting addition to my collection which features the Slash Goldtop and Slash VOS. However, I'm a little pissed off that Gibson and Slash are creating another Slash signature guitar already. It's just been 2 years since the reissue of the Les Paul he took on tour for "Appetite for Destruction". Slash is definitely milking it right now: new Gibson Les Paul signature, new Marshall Amp signature, new Seymour Duncan signature pickups.

Slash will announce this and that at NAMM pretty soon:
To those of you who have been inquiring, I'll be announcing the new "Slash" Marshall & Les Paul at NAMM, Sat, Jan 16th.
I'm also announcing a new signature series Seymour Duncun pick-up at NAMM as well.

2010 Prediction: expect more bragging from Slash about his fast cars on Twitter soon (like here).

In the meantime, you can check out the Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro which looks really like a Slash LP. And see you in 6 months for the Guns n' Roses Reunion special limited edition.

For those interested in the "Slash" signature Marshall Amp:


@jamesstu22. Its based on the Marshall
JCM 800 I used to record "Appetite for Destruction"

@susan01563. I do, I used it for this
last record I just did. As well as all the post "Appetite" GNR & Snakepit
& VR

About the Seymour Duncan (which will be regularly available, not a limited edition), here:

These are matched exactly to my '86 Alnico 2's wind for wind & sound identical.