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Friday, 15 January 2010

New Slash 2010 Appetite Les Paul Guitar

Gibson just released a preview of the new Slash signature Les Paul on their blog to announce the sneak peak they will host at NAMM this Saturday (with Slash himself visiting at 3.30pm if you're around).
They are confirming what we knew (see previous post): it's "inspired by the axe that the legendary Guns and Roses guitar hero played on the multi-platinum selling “Appetite for Destruction” album and practically every recording since".

It's gonna be out soon. Like the Slash model released in 2008, there will be different versions to cater to every wallet: the Slash “Appetite for Destruction" Les Paul "will be released in the coming weeks in limited quantities from Gibson USA, Gibson Custom Division and from Epiphone."

It really looks like the Derrig replica that Slash owns (as shown on the left), very figured top, only in less orangey -which is a good thing, this is not the 80s anymore. I am a big fan of the zebra-pickups look.

One thing to notice is that the Slash model will have Slash's "smoking skull" signature on the head which I am not a big fan of. That being said, I am guessing this is only on the Gibson USA and Epiphone models. I imagine the Custom Shop version won't have it and will look like the real deal therefore.

My 2008 Custom Shop Slash Signature has the classic "Les Paul model" peghead with the regular "Standard" trussrod cover. That's how it should be.

Gibson has also released the official specs:
  • Traditional style weight relief Mahogany body with AAA Figured Maple top
  • Unique neck profile made for Slash features rounded 60’s shape
  • Rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays
  • Un-burst top with faded cherry back lacquer finish
  • Slash signature smoking skull with top hat artwork for peghead face
  • New Seymour Duncan Slash Signature Alnico II pickups
  • Special capacitors selected by Slash for vintage tone
  • Tone Pro hardware with historic machine heads, locking bridge and tailpiece
I'm now awaiting the price for this new iconic guitar to see if I'm going to complete my Slash Signature collection.


Anonymous said...

Why can Gibson copy a guitar manufactured by someone else and sell it as theirs? The Appetite guitar wasn't a real Les Paul, so therefore they are copying someone else's guitar. If it was China, Gibson would be suing. This is just another example of American corporate hypocrisy in the world market and US imperialism. Make no mistake, if this guitar didn't become famous and help Gibson become a top seller of guitars, Kris Derrig would be in jail or paying exuberant fines right now. And Slash is just as much a part of this imperialism march as Gibson

Guillaume said...

Easy, easy.

I think Gibson is rightful in trying to take out MASS manufacturers of crap counterfeits.

Now there are many awesome craftsmen who produced small quantities of great guitars.

That's two different stories.

As for suing Derrig, he died not long after producing this guitar so may he RIP.

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