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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Slash, a new signature guitar. Again! And it's a Les Paul

UPDATE: Gibson has confirmed the Slash "Apetite" Les Paul is coming out soon (with a picture and the specs).

Another of Slash's iconic Les Paul is about to be reissued... on the heels of the Jimmy Page #2.

Slash is not hiding that he is working with the Gibson Custom Shop to produce a new Les Paul model. He has been tweeting about it and leaving clues for a while.

So what do we know so far:

The Man revealed on Twitter:

Just checked the new "Slash model" prototype LP, its really nice. Making a few tweaks etc, will keep you posted.
And then added:

it is a replica of my '86 Les Paul that I use to record with, its an amazing sounding guitar.
Below is a shot of Slash with that guitar, "Slash's 1959 reissue custom. Made for him in 1987"(through Guitar Center twitpic account).

At Guitar Center: Slash. on Twitpic Slash's 1959 reissue custom. Made for him in 1987. His weapon... on Twitpic

>> Look at Gibson Slash Les Pauls now available on eBay

There should be an Epiphone model like in the previous two releases in 2008 (the Goldtop and the "1989" model):

@douglas713. I'm pretty sure there is going to be an Epi model.
This guitar would be a fitting addition to my collection which features the Slash Goldtop and Slash VOS. However, I'm a little pissed off that Gibson and Slash are creating another Slash signature guitar already. It's just been 2 years since the reissue of the Les Paul he took on tour for "Appetite for Destruction". Slash is definitely milking it right now: new Gibson Les Paul signature, new Marshall Amp signature, new Seymour Duncan signature pickups.

Slash will announce this and that at NAMM pretty soon:
To those of you who have been inquiring, I'll be announcing the new "Slash" Marshall & Les Paul at NAMM, Sat, Jan 16th.
I'm also announcing a new signature series Seymour Duncun pick-up at NAMM as well.

2010 Prediction: expect more bragging from Slash about his fast cars on Twitter soon (like here).

In the meantime, you can check out the Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro which looks really like a Slash LP. And see you in 6 months for the Guns n' Roses Reunion special limited edition.

For those interested in the "Slash" signature Marshall Amp:


@jamesstu22. Its based on the Marshall
JCM 800 I used to record "Appetite for Destruction"

@susan01563. I do, I used it for this
last record I just did. As well as all the post "Appetite" GNR & Snakepit
& VR

About the Seymour Duncan (which will be regularly available, not a limited edition), here:

These are matched exactly to my '86 Alnico 2's wind for wind & sound identical.