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Thursday, 7 January 2010

My Iconic Guitars: the Ibanez RG770 (my #1)

Ah, the Ibanez RG770 in sparkling red finish from 1992.

With the kids finally asleep and the wife taking a long shower, I feel I can relax, unwind, and reminisce my first guitar. An Ibanez RG 770, acquired in Paris in 1992 - the year I started playing. I still have it in storage somewhere in the family house.

I didn't think there was any value in that guitar although it's a good instrument until I was reminded of this guitar a couple of days ago. I saw that the RG770 model had actually been reissued.

Yes. R-E-I-S-S-U-E-D! The mark of a truly iconic guitar, right?

So the story of the RG line (which stands for Roadstar Guitar) starts with Ibanez moving away from copying US models in the mi-80's following a lawsuit brought by Gibson. They then moved to produce a string of superstrats including the RG (based on an earlier model designed with Steve Vai).

I read somewhere that the RG has become the line of guitars with the most models. And truly, this is the weapon of choice for metal teenagers - though I loved mine to play funk as well because you can combine the pickups in nice ways (in position 2 and 4 the selector switch splits the humbuckers and combines them with the middle single coil).

Not sure my own RG is worth much today, given that it's been pretty relic'd :)
And to be honest I wouldn't buy one today (the floyd-rose type tremolo is just a pain in the butt).

But the 24-fret flat slim "Wizard" neck was fun to play the crazy shit you like in your teenage years. And the looks were killer: red pickups, transparent pickguard, sharktooth inlays and that ruby red color!!!

Full specs are here (RG770 reissue).

For some fun, have a look at the RG770 page in the original catalogs from 1992 and 1993. I remember those - unfortunately it's hard to forget those greasy hair / badly dressed '80s metalheads :)

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Jeremy said...

The necks on thee reissues are spot on--super thin!

Guillaume said...

Thanks Jeremy for the info. I remember the neck of my RG770 as the thinnest thing I have ever played.

I have to admit that I always found this made this guitar less vocal / less loud. I used to gig with that guitar and my first 'Paul and I had to adjust the volume of the amp or pedal down every time I was switching from the Ibanez to the Les Paul.

Anonymous said...

that owuldn't really be much from the neck, mostly from the pickups, I guess the Les Paul had a pickups with a HIgher Output, but sweet guitar u got there, i have a knock off Ibanez K-7