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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

$325,000 for a vintage 1960 Gibson Les Paul

Hm hm. Not sure who can afford to spend $325,000 on eBay, but that would buy you . Looking at the pics, it could be a reissue just out of the Gibson Custom Shop for all I know - a 50-year guitar without a scratch!

The question is: would you dare playing it?

Besides, it has the original case and case candy. It's really like if someone had bought that guitar and put it in a vault in 1960 with instruction to take it out only in 50 years. Too bad it hasn't seen much daylight though: the sunburst has not faded - that's how I like my Les Paul's...

Anyway, at that price, the buyer will probably want to do some due diligence but if it is indeed the real deal, that's a worthy investment. Just put it in a vault with instructions not to open before 2060. That will be worth an even bigger boatload of cash. Rendez-vous then!