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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Eric Clapton Crashocaster by Fender Custom Shop

Not sure what to make of auctioned on eBay.
It is painted like Clapton's number 2 strat by Crash (the artist) but it isn't matching the details given by Crash about the series of Custom Shop guitars he painted:

He painted Clapton #2 in 2002. I guess this guitar is still with Clapton.

Original Crash-2. Painted by CRASH for Clapton in 2002.

Then in 2004 he painted a limited seried of 50 guitars for Fender, each with a unique design (+1 for his friend John Mayer). Those have Crash's signature engraved on the neckplate and masterbuilder Todd Krause's signature stamped on the back of the headstock.

The strat currently auctioned on eBay doesn't have these signatures and was produced in 2005. But it has the marks of a true Clapton model by the Custom Shop (serial number + decals on the back of the headstock). So, I'm not sure if that's a copy painted by the Custom Shop, by Crash or by any other copycat artist for a custom client. Maybe it's some sort of reissue...

What's odd too is that "while the 50 Custom Shop Crashocasters feature specifications similar to the Eric Clapton Signature model, they are not EC Signature guitars." So this odd "crashocaster" is definitely not from that run.

You sometimes see on eBay basic strats with the odd or truly horrible paintjob that tries to emulate Clapton's Number 3 Crashocaster (the most famous, also know as "over the rainbow"). But this guitar is in a different league and looks like the real deal.

Anyway, it's going for $1,525 (reserve not met) as of writing. So maybe you can get a good deal on a Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton model (those are worth double that!) and get this unique finish on top of it.


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