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Thursday, 16 April 2009

The mighty Gibson SG - a hell of a vintage guitar!

What better time to blog about the Gibson SG than when watching Hell's Kitchen. That's the spirit, don't you think?

Gibson lifestyle (again!) had an post about the mighty SG Standard. Title? The best selling Gibson of all time!
What a truly beautiful guitar. 15 years ago while in high school, I came across a vintage 60's SG that a good friend of mine persuaded his parents to finance. Hell, this guitar rocked...

I remember that friend landing this beast to me for a gig. I already had my beloved Les Paul Standard at that time but it's a different feel. The SG is so much in your face. It's light and yet retains so much tone. It feels the sound just jumps out of it.

And still, it's quite versatile. Can you imagine two sounds so different than the smooth woman tone of Eric Clapton on Disraeli Gears and the mean raw screech of young Angus Young?

Since that first encounter with the SG, I have added a cheap Gibson SG Special in faded brown to my collection (it'll be for my son). Sure, it's not as nice as SG Standard '61 reissue or a vintage 60's SG. But it's no frills, it rocks. And neither I or son will be afraid of taking it out and rocking the hell out of it. Which is the point with any great electric guitar, especially the SG!


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