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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Two Beauties from the Sixties: a Fender Coronado 12-string and an Epiphone Wilshire

A quickie tonight. Two beauties are up for grab on eBay. Those two electric guitars are from the 60's and are quite unique in their features and finishes.

First a 1967 Fender Coronado XII (12 strings). From the posting:
The Coronado line of Fenders were introduced in 1966 (...) The Coronados were available as a Coronado I with a single pickup, and the Coronado II with two pickups, and finally the Coronado XII which was essentially a Coronado II with 12 strings. The models were deleted from the Fender line in 1971.

The neck is stamped 14 February, 1967. This guitar is in absolutely incredible condition, and shows almost no signs of wear. (...) The binding is perfectly intact; the back of the guitar is FREE from belt-buckle scratches. In short, this guitar looks as though it spent the last 42 years in its case. The neck feels really great and is very easy to get around on.

The guitar comes in it's original chipboard case, and comes with the original, vintage-style coiled instrument cable (another collector's item.) (...)
Again, this guitar is ALL ORIGINAL. and in practically MINT condition. The finish is gorgeous, and you can see a really pretty wood grain in the body and in the rosewood neck. The DeArmond pickups (stamped "Fender") sound just great. The volume and tone pots are very clean and work perfectly.

Then a beautiful metallic green 1964 Epiphone Wilshire. From the posting:

For sale is the great epiphone wilshire from 1964. It is 100% original with no breaks or repairs. All nickel parts. It comes in the original hard shell case. Original epiphone maestro vibrola is a little funky (...). I'm sure this is an easy fix, but I can't figure it out. (...) The green finish is really beautiful.