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Friday, 22 May 2009

American Idol 8 - Santana is good PR for PRS (part II)

Yesterday, I started a short series of posts on guitars/guitarists guest starring on American Idol Season 8, following the final. Part I is here. Now to part II.

Carlos Santana was invited to play some of his most well known melodies with all this season's contestants dancing and singing around (very kindergarten...). He was of course playing his Paul Reed Smith signature model which is a nice guitar but...I am so not into PRS guitars. I have actually never played one. Probably my loss but I have never been drawn to these when visiting guitar shops.

Anyway, see Santana playing Idol, I actually visited the PRS Guitars site FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. Quite a feat! I probably go once a day to the Gibson site (for this blog but also because I receive their newsletter) and at least once a week to the Fender site (they don't do such a good job at adding content and sending interesting emails).

So, there I was on the PRS site, browsing their news, when I noticed this awesome guitar which really caught my eye! Announcing the Release of New Metallic Finishes Featuring DuPont Hot Hues™, there is the PRS Starla in “Catalina Dream” metallic blue.

What a stunner! With its modern retro / 50's blue, its white pickguard, its Bigsby tremolo, and it's big yet sophisticated single-cutaway body with a quite original carved top!

Now, I want one. It might be a while before I get one though since current Paul Reed Smith Starla models sell new for $2,000 and up. Maybe I'll go and try one this week end since there are coupons and bargains out there.

So, well done Santana and PRS for being on Idol!


Jeremy said...

I met Paul today at the shop! He was great! We just got in a Starla model in black...
Lemme know!