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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Joe Perry's Billie is a Gibson BB King Lucille -just a tacky one

I didn't know Joe Perry's main guitar nowadays (not sure if anyone is trying to keep count) is a Gibson BB King Lucille -with a few modifications.

Readers of this blog know that the Gibson Custom B.B. King Lucille is on my list of iconic guitars by the Gibson Custom Shop.

Perry's Lucille is called Billie after his wife whose portrait is painted on the guitar. I'd say it's tacky and not very Rock n' Roll. But that doesn't surprise me from Aerosmith and its lead guitarist -they haven't produced great material (musical or else) since the 70's with the exception of Get a Grip in the 90's.

Painting and naming a guitar after your love interest. What do you think? Good? Bad? Nice? Second-hand leather motorist grade? Leave a comment below!

Joe Perry with his Billie Gibson BB KING Lucille GuitarJoe Perry with his Billie Gibson BB KING Lucille Guitar

In case you too want to airbrush your significant other on top of a Lucille, check out those eBay listings. Careful though, some of those guitars have been signed by the King of Blues himself - maybe you don't want to paint over that!


Anonymous said...

2nd wife, at that...