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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Scotty Moore would love this 1954 ES295 Gibson

"Scotty Moore, the guitarist for Elvis Presley, played an ES-295, essentially a dual P-90-equipped, all gold ES-175." -Wikipedia

Well. Another day, another beautiful and rare Gibson ES. Today an incredible vintage 1954 gold ES-295 that Scotty Moore could have played with the King.

Yes, the Gibson ES 295 is quite similar to the ES-175 vintage guitar I covered recently, with its florentine cut, its hollow body, etc.

But you've got to love this all gold finish and the floral graphics on the pickguard. The finish is beautifully cracked and the neck has this "leprosy" shared by many vintage guitars with a gold-painted neck (I think it adds to the charm).

It's a bit pricey at $6,700 but that's the price to pay for an "all original" guitar built 55 years ago. And this is a stunner.

Oh, and Moore is still around but moved to a Gibson Super 400. You can see him playing one of the King's hit "That's all right mama" with Eric Clapton below. By the way, he reconnected with his ES295 (now owned by a collector) in 2007 (left picture).