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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Bob Marley Les Paul Special re-issue by Gibson Custom Shop

UPDATE: the auction for the guitar described below has now closed. >> Search Bob Marley Les Paul guitars currently listed on eBay.

Bob Marley's Les Paul Special by the Gibson Custom ShopBob Marley's Les Paul Special by the Gibson Custom ShopJust 3 hours left to grab .

I am a big fan of the Les Paul Special and its bare bone tone and appearance. It was the topic of one of my very first posts. Bob Marley's Special, which he called the "Old Faithful" is a beautiful example of the warm tone you can get through the simple mahogany wood and P-90's that make the core of the Les Paul Special.

Marley had made some modifications to his Special, including:
  • aluminum pick guard and pickup selector cover
  • headstock binding
  • brass nut
These details are captured in the reproduction of this guitar by the Gibson Custom Shop on auction.

because these are pretty rare.