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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Gibson Shark Fin delayed to July 31st

I was anticipating the Gibson Shark Fin to launch on July 2nd from the Guitar Center listing. From that same source, I now have to update this date to July 31st.

One of the anonymous tipster hinted delays were to be expected in his comment on the first post: "I heard it might be delayed a while, however it's worth the wait I'm sure."

There were a few other interesting comments on that post:
Mike said: it does look like that van halen shark design..but only with smoother lines. thats the closest pic i saw that resembles the shark fin. very close. i know that pic is out there somewhere.
Hey Mike, everybody is looking for a pic so send it over!

Then Jim said:
I think Gibson is naming it the Shark Fin because that name has only been associated with designs such as Gibson's Moderne and Jacksons randy rhodes axe. this way they will lock up that name for good. i need to see that guitar.. the buzz surrounding it is getting larger.

Not sure if this is the direction Gibson is taking, but for sure kudos to them for keeping such a veil on the Shark Fin. This is a different approach they used for the other Limited Run Series (all announced months in advance). For once, they are creating some mystery... and anticipation. It might just be another metal shredding machine in the end but I know I'm not the only one eager to discover this new design.

In the meantime, let's have a good laugh with a few shark-shaped guitars on eBay:

UPDATE: we now have a real picture of the Gibson Shark Fin!