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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Two sparkling Gretsch Jet 50's vintage guitars

There is sparkling wine and red wine. And there are sparkling guitars and red guitars. I enjoy both.

These two Gretsch Jet from 1955 and 1956 vintages are rock n' roll textbook examples. One is silver sparkle, one is red and they both look in great shape.

Appreciate the nice design touches:
  • the block inlays on the neck (not humpblock),
  • the G-cutout tailpiece (Bigsby weren't standard on the Jet at that time),
  • the teardrop pickguard and typical knobs.
  • the Pickups; probably DeArmond Dynasonic.
For more on the specs, a good reference is the Gretsch pages:
Jets differ significantly from their competition in that their mahogany bodies are extensively routed, making them, in effect, semi-solids. It also makes them considerably lighter than similar guitars and adds a special resonance to the line.

Gretsch Jet FIREBIRD 1956 Model #6131 VINTAGE RARE

Gretsch lovers, I hope you're happy that I am finally covering those beautiful vintage guitars! Some are truly iconic - let me know your suggestions and favorite models in comments!