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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Eye Candy: Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page signature model

Just seen this auction for a Gibson Les Paul Jimmy Page signature model.

I am not a 'flame' guy (my dream Les Paul would be a '58) but this guitar just looks beautiful. The -numerous!- pictures are real eye candy.

For some reason, Gibson.com and Gibsoncustom.com have removed the pages about this beautiful guitar. Wikipedia has a vague reference. So, enjoy this auction if you want to see Jimmy Page's guitar before the auction closes on Mar 28th.

Hmm, and at "just" under $7,000 for the buy-now option, this is a good deal - re-issues of that era start at $3,300 and easily cost more than $5,000 at Guitar Center. The premium for a collectible and the Led Zep sound are worth it.