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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Three '65 Vintage Guitars for $1000 or less

I love vintage guitars and looking for some - hey, that's why I started this blog.

What I like in particular is to find cheap vintage beauties - not the iconic 1959 Gibson Les Paul at $100k or the 1956 Fender Strat' at $50k.

Yep, I like to spot a good old guitar with a vibe to it that looks awesome and in most likelihood sounds awesome too.

So, here is a quick selection of 3 nice guitars straight from the 60's that are priced around a thousand dollar on eBay. These are entry products from that era from main manufacturers. Models referenced as "study guitars", or student / economy model. Cheap guitars then, cheap vintage now but still with great quality.

Vintage 1965 Dakota Red Fender Mustang (Solid body electric guitar)

This one example has great style with its white plastic tuners, enough scratches but good overall condition. The auction is still in the $800s. Comes with case.

More about the Fender Mustang. And More pre-80's Vintage Mustangs on eBay.

Vintage '65 Gibson Melody Maker - (solid body electric Guitar)

This is a cheap single-pickup model, but for $1,099 (buy-now), you get yourself a vintage 45-year old Gibson vintage. Beats a relic'd reissue. Seems in great condition with just what it takes of natural aging to look fantastic.

More about the Gibson Melody Maker. I have to say I am more of a Les Paul Junior Double cut-away kind of guy, but they are more pricey - here a nice 1960 model.

1964 Vintage Guild X-50 Cordoba (archtop electir guitar)

I have never played one of these but they have good reviews and this one definitely has the looks. Good condition and just the right vintage touch. And it's not even a grand.

These 3 guitars seems to be in great shape and are sold by eBay vendors with stellar feedback.