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Monday, 30 March 2009

Gibson Custom Shop '58 RI Les Paul in rare metallic red

As I hinted before, my dream guitar is a 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard. So, I'm often scouting eBay for '58 re-issues and I have seen this very good looking model around a few times.

It is a Gibson Custom Shop '58 Les Paul reissue in a rare metallic Candy Apple red - very similar to the vintage ES 335 I covered not long ago.

It looks awesome and must sound great (Custom Shop!) although the exact specs sound a bit vague (humbuckers and neck) and I don't know why it has factory Grover tuners (I am not fond of those). Anyway, it comes with all case candy from an established eBay vendor so I wouldn't be worried.

At $3000, it is a good deal for a Custom Shop Les Paul Standard re-issue (the cheapest available '58 Re-issue on Guitar Center's website is at $3,699 - although I have often seen better deals in store).