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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Musicvox Spaceranger in Gold Stardust

Inspired by G L Wilson over at the Guitarz blog, who posted about a Musicvox Spaceranger auctioned on eBay (but really a Spacecadet if I refer to the MusicVox website because it has P90's), I searched for Musicvox guitars on eBay too.

And I found this awesome Musicvox Spaceranger (with humbuckers) in gold stardust finish. Can you dream of a a more quirky guitar: the Musicvox how-so-tasteful shape, gold hardware, gold sparkle finish...and shipping from Kentucky - from all places on earth. And it's a bargain at just below $400 (buy now option).

I've been thinking about creating an over-the-top blues-player-with-too-much-reverb character for some time. That would be the ultimate guitar to do that (gee, I'd even leave the label hang on the headstock!). I wonder if I could get a crimson red vinyl tracksuit to match that...

Anyway, as far as playing is concerned, the Spaceranger is getting great reviews.

And as for a vintage investment, this seems like a decent one. I am not sure how many of those were made (is Musicvox still in business?) but the "oddity" factor will remain for sure and they have to be rare. :)

Final note: I really like how the wood looks like at the back... not sure what it is...


G L Wilson said...

That one's a nice example. Love the gold glitter top on it.