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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Aloha, Fender Surf Strat (2007 Custom Shop)

I love Strats and I love surf / surfboards / surf-abilia.

So, this rare Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop '61 re-issue in a surfboard style is my bag, baby yeah! It's a stunner with its redwood stripes.

It looks all good and must sound great with that 60's tone. The only drawback is that mark-less neck - it might be a bit of a challenge to play. At $6,999, it's a bit pricey but it is definitely a rare and collectible guitar.

So, ride on, rock hard and mahalo.

Oh, and for the tech-inclined, some specs from the description:
The body is made of light ash with a spruce veneer. The surf stripes are made of redwood. The neck profile is a big #3 with vintage frets and a 7.25 radius.