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Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Egg Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster -purple gold leaf finish

Well, it's Easter Monday and I have just the right guitar for the occasion.

My wife and I made sure to hide and pick chocolate eggs in the park with our 18-month daughter this Sunday -a fun family tradition.

And for you guitar fans, I have this Fender Custom Shop 1956 NOS Reissue Stratocaster, masterbuilt by John Cruz to put in your Easter basket.

With its violet candy laquer over white gold leaf (23 carat), it clearly stands out and it's reminiscent of those Faberge eggs Russian aristocrats were getting for Easter.

I recently acquired a Fender Custom Shop '56 Reissue Strat (in a more classic burst finish) and this guitar rocks. Period. I play blues, funk, rock and I love the edgy sound. So this "Easter guitar" should be no different... apart from the price: a hefty $6,999 but you are investing in a guitar and in gold! :)

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Stratoblogster said...

Thanks for stoppin' by! That's a great find!

Anonymous said...

hope u like this strat