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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Anvil is the new Spinal Tap - only real!

I think this thing is becoming a viral phenomenon but it seems so great: 80's metal band Anvil is featured in a documentary that follows them being reunited and touring.

The parallel with the fake "rockumentary" on Spinal Tap is evident but it is a true story -at least as far as modern documentaries go.

I'll have to look into their gear but from the "Story of Anvil" trailer it seems Anvil's axemen are fond of Flying-V's (original or inspired?) like most metal players of that era - Randy Rhodes comes to mind. I like the V - only not in lipstick red! :)

Anyway, check it out. Now waiting for the movie release and the Guitar Hero: Anvil version.


Jon said...

I watched this film friday night, it had me cringing more than The Office! Definitely worth watching.