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Monday, 15 June 2009

Fender Splatter - like a Crashocaster, but cheaper & cooler?

Back in 2003, Fender introduced the Splatter Stratocaster, a very cool model where each design was unique.

Fender Stratocaster Splatter Orange
These guitars, which are sometimes also referred as the Splattercaster, were introduced as "Fender Standard Series Stratocaster models with Spin Art Finishes. Each one of these new Stratocaster guitars are made just like the name implies - by putting finish on the guitar body and spinning it while still wet, each one virtually guaranteed to be unique" according to Harmony Central.

The Splattercasters were Made in Mexico (aka. MIM) and were available for a limited time only.

There are a few to be found on eBay at any time in the $500-800 range which is kind of a cool price for Strats with a unique finish. This clearly evokes the Fender Crashocasters - basically Fender Custom Shop strats painted by famous Graffiti artist Crash (Eric Clapton has 5). I think the Splatters are definitely as cool as the Crashocasters, if not more because I really like the surrealist approach and the random factor. And they come at a fraction of the price!

Here are a few examples. Features are below, with an eBay search widget to help you locate your future one-of-a-kind guitar.

Fender Stratocaster Splatter Rainbow
Fender Stratocaster Splatter Silver
Fender Stratocaster Splatter Red

  • Alder body
  • Maple Neck with Rosewood fingerboard
  • 21 Vintage Style Frets
  • 3 Standard Single-Coil Strat Pickups
  • 5-way switching
  • Fender/Ping Standard Cast/Sealed Tuning Machines
  • Vintage Style Synchronized Tremolo
  • Satin Finish: Splatter Red, Splatter Blue, Splatter Yellow, Splatter White, Splatter Black


guitar collecting said...

wow..never seen those before..I wonder how they passed me by? Thanks for drawing my attention to them!

Stratoblogster said...

Nice post!

Guillaume said...

Thank you guys! I'm glad you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy reading your blogs!

ovlet said...

usually fenders get it right on with regards to finishes, but these... eww. These and the antigua series - they are just awful!

Ive seen a few splattercasters (guitar tech) and I can say the finish is.. amateurish at best, close up.