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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A '68 Gibson ES-335, Monsters and Babes

Sometimes you see awkward eBay auctions. But recently I have noticed an increase in guitar listings with stupidly staged pictures, sometimes with (allegedly) good looking girls holding the guitar, sometimes with puppets/monsters/action figures/you-name-it.

This particular posting for a vintage 1968 Gibson ES-335 tops them all as it features this guitar with both babes and space monsters.

In these rough economic times, I guess it's hard to move inventory, especially for a $7,000 vintage guitar like this one. So, hats off to this vendor (the_guitars_of_godzilla) for the creativity. You can not sell and still have a good sense of humor.

By the way, GL Wilson on the Guitarz blog was pointing to a similar type of listing a few days ago... with a better looking model I have to say.