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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Guild S-300 - for a rich sound between a Strat and a Les Paul?

Looking for something a bit different tonight on eBay, I came through this vintage from the end of the 70's.

The S300 was the main electric guitar in a line of new designs Guild launched in 77. It has an original shape which is kind of a mix of the Les Paul's large curves and the Stratocaster's ergonomic design.

It is getting great reviews on Harmony Central. Mainly for its versatility as it can sound anywhere between a Les Paul and a Strat, notably through the use of the factory-installed extra phase switch for reversing pickup polarity. But also for the great wood and set neck that makes it a tone and sustain killer.

I like that the 's fingerboard is made of ebony. It also has 24 frets which I think was a bit ahead of its time. To me, "24 frets" sounds Ibanez and 80's shredding craze. And I think to some extent the S300 was probably built for a heavy sound.

Especially this model auctioned on eBay, a , comes with "mahogany body and neck, DiMarzio PAF and Super Distortion humbuckers" (source). The S300-D version was only manufactured during 5 years from 1977 to 1982.

At $750, this white is without a doubt a great investment for a player who likes a bit of a different look and tone packaged in an innovative guitar -in a time which were clearly not the best years of the big manufacturers. Just note that this guitar has a large scratch. You have 5 days to make up your mind (as of writing).

And HAPPY FATHER DAY to all the dads who read me. I had a wonderful time with the kids in Soho today and I sure hope you had a great time too. You rock and definitely deserve to treat yourself to a vintage guitar...well at least that's what I keep telling myself :)


Jim Hevesy said...

I have one of these and honestly it's the best guitar I ever played. Better sound and neck than any Les Paul. Very thick sounding and infinite sustain....well worth the money

Guillaume said...

Thanks Jim. Much appreciated comment. I feel like this is a truly unique guitar which is very little known or discussed.

freddy said...

This is a cool looking guitar! I like the Guild guitar control knobs and tailpiece.
According to the 2008 Vintage Guitar Price guide, they are worth $775 - $1,100 in excellent condition.

Bobbo said...

I bought a used white S-300 in 1986 for $100 with a Guild case to boot.
Its serial number indicates it is a very early 80s model.
I still have it and play it almost every day.
I play mainly blues and it has rich tone and good sustain plus I love the 24 fret 2 octave fingerboard.
Stevie Ray Vaughn used one when he wasn't using one of his Strats.
If you have a chance to pick one up for a few hundred bucks, jump on it - you'll be glad you did!

Noiz Promo said...

Anyone selling one of these?