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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Rainbow SG to be next Gibson Limited Run Series Guitar?

The Gibson Lifestyle Twitter account just released this interesting picture of a rainbow-colored electric guitar which clearly looks like a Gibson SG.

(original here)

I am wondering if they are trying to create buzz. Like they created buzz -probably unwillingly- for the Gibson Shark Fin by keeping it a secret to this date with no picture or announcement when it is supposed to be available just one week from now.

Back to this intriguing SG-like Gibson which colors look like a beautiful tribute to the Gay Pride. It seems to have transparent plastics for the knobs but most interestingly the pick ups which have no cover and display the copper wiring. This is insanely gorgeous.

The controls are minimal with only a pair of volume/tone knobs and a 3-way toggle switch.

The most amazing part remains the color which seems like the result of dying each vein of the wood (I'd guess maybe maple not mahogany to obtain this finish).

The rosewood fretboard looks like there is no inlays. Maybe there could be dot inlays which we don't see since the pic barely shows the 16th / 17th fret. Could be that this is just a prototype.

I am really eager to discover more about this exciting guitar which really reminds me of Eric Clapton's famous Fool SG and its psychedelic multicolor paintjob (notably used on Disraeli Gears).

This is definitely THE Gibson I would buy right away this year because it is truly unique and will be a collectible. Maybe I'm getting over myself when this is just a pic posted through Twitter but I'll definitely check GuitarCenter.com and the Gibson Products section for leaks like the Shark Fin.

UPDATE: This guitar is in fact the Gibson SG Zoot Suit, which I have covered in full in this post. You can now order it from Guitar Center (here:
Gibson Zoot Suit SG Electric Guitar Black and Red